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When we last left the Legacy family, Zoe had given birth to twins, Dahlia and Lily. It's been awhile since I posted, but I've played a little bit since then. I hate having twins at the toddler stage, so I kind of avoided the game for a while. Anyway, here documents their childhood:

20 minutes after typing that intro: WTF PHOTOBUCKET. LOAD MY PICTURES DAMNIT.

How adorable. Gordon's being a daddy!

*dies from teh_cute*

Penny thinks it's interesting that she has new people living in her house. Smelly, small, loud people. Zoe is just sort of glad she can eat something.

Penny is tired apparently. I just love this picture. I'm not sure why she dreams of expensive vases, though.

No fat grannies! Luna's getting a workout!

Cuddling in bed, omgsocute

Penny flails in her sleep. It's rather strange.

Penny knows what's down. She's got to keep up relations with the parents so she can insure that inheritance of hers. Suck up.

Oh look, we've a new platinumn for lifer!

Well, at least she's a cute suck up

Zoe fixes things around the house because a) Gordon's an idiot, and b) I'm miserly with my Sims' money. The repair man is a waste.

Family photo op!

I'm fairly sure that's Lily in Zoe's arms. Birthday time!

Look! Lily's a small bear!!

Invisible candles, wot? Dahlia and daddy

Dahlia looks like a boy. Um.

Granny is going to take care of the twinsies now. Since she really has nothing better to do. That's... Dahlia, I think. She looks less like a boy.

Lookie, it's Lily. She's really cute. My favorite out of the twins.

Johnson is an evil ghost. Evil, evil, evil.

See how mean?

Granny Luna needs an energy boost. It's hard work taking care of the twins.

Penny is a little over achiever. Silly straight As

Zoe and Gordon are just money making mogouls.

But they still gotta work in some lovin'

Penny is jutt so studious. I hope when she's a teenager, I don't roll something ridiculous for her like romance.

Syncronized playtime?

Dahlia's got a mouth on her, no joke.

Hey, look a car with an overhang! Random house addition

Aww, omgsocute

What's this?!


This is going to leave mental scars, I know it. Poor baby.

Luna is not so sure about this whole "death" thing

But wait! There's more!

Luna is convinced. Penny's not sure what's going on.


Deal! Those hula girls are HOT.

Luna fades into ghostly existence. Woe.

A mommy-daughter moment. How sweeeeet

Zoe spent about an hour crying in the bathroom. She didn't even go to her mom's dying thing. Sheesh.

Well, our first generation has officially passed on. They looked good young.

They look pretty good platinum too.

Still crying? Sheesh!

How cute! Dollhousing :D

Penny is stoked that she got a sizeable inheritance. She's all about the money, you see.

I love when the toddlers are eating in their high chairs. So cute.

Dahlia, fingers are not for eating.

Birthday time!!

The family gathers... Wait, where's Gordon?

Oh, yes, I see.

Lily has grown up! So cute!

Look, a random dance op!

Birthday time for Dahlia!

Dahlia isn't quite sure what to do, apparently.

Growing up and such.

Dahlia really gets into those computer games... O_o

Lily is very, very excited to take out the trash... Weirdo O_o

"It's awesome that I inherited so much money."

Three little girls; from left to right:
Lily, Dahlia, Penny

"Look! I grew up so awesome!!"
"Not really."

Awkward sister moments.

Lily has already set high standards for herself. What is up with this family?

Zoe is chatting up the dean of the private school, hoping to get Lily and Dahlia into private school. Work that dress, Zoe.

Lobster thermidore with the dean...


Hurrah! All the girls are in private school :D

Zoe wants to see a ghost, so she gets to sleep in the graveyard for a while.

Penny's birthday time!

Spinny shiny...

Drumroll please?

Well... that's interesting. Why Maxis, why?!

Dahlia and Lily have an impromptu game of cops and robbers.

After a makeover, Penny gets a little artsy and emo.

Lily totally just shot Dahlia ded. Gordon doesn't really care, apparently.

Penny takes a job as an orderly. Look at her work those scrubs!

Zoe is painting happily in her sheep shirt.

Lily is just minding her business, going potty, and then Johnson comes along...


Abhijeet Cho? You aren't so bad looking. Maybe.

Penny, go talk to your future husband. You're not going to college, so you have to take what you can get, ya know?

Abhijeet is wowed by Penny's... wits.

Dahlia sleeping. So cute.

Lily sleeping. So cute.

Zoe and Gordon still need some loving, even though they're sort of useless now.

YOU'RE Gordon's replacement? UGLY. Gerrof my lot.


Johnson, why must you pick on the little kids? You're so mean!

...Lily calmly makes her bed. What a weird family.

TUNE IN NEXT TIME: Will Johnson continue to terrorize the little girls? Will Penny and Abhijeet really hit it off? Will Zoe and Gordon find something useful to do?!

Hopefully, Photobucket behaves next time.

Date: 2007-05-10 01:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow. Johnson is the creepiest ghost EVER!

Also, I love that in the pic where Luna is fading into ghost-ness, it totally looks like she's biting Death on the hand :-)

I really need to make an update post, too.


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