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yes. i am angry. i am angry at you for saying things and then not following through. and i'm angry at you for getting my hopes up. i thought that it would be nice to do something, a sort of final something. but it seems like whenever i want to plan something, someone screws it up. they can't come. they bow out. they "forget" or make excuses.

im disappointed too. i was so looking forward to a nice afternoon in the park and then a lovely production in the evening. now i get no nice afternoon in the park, and i get to go alone to a show in the evening.

i just wanted to see you all again. one last time. because then we're all going our separate ways, and i know you won't come to any reunion. that's fine. it's fantastic. i'm glad you're ready to go your own way. i just had a stupid idea that id like to see you once more. maybe i never got over you and i. that's okay. i can live with that. but both of you really fucked up this time and i rerally have no desire to see either of you ever again.

good bye old friends. i won't ever see you again. i'm glad. i don't have to cry over forgotten or fucked up plans any more. i can have a new life, and new everything.

i hate this. i don't want to feel like this. i wanted to see you so badly, i didn't realize it until you couldn't come, and proceeded to fuck up everyone else's plans. thank you. really, i shouldn't have expected any less of you.
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